family law

Mediation – A Modern Alternative to Litigation

By: Benjamin J. Freeman, Attorney— Traditionally, parties attempting to resolve a dispute end up litigating their case in court. It is no secret that the litigation process is long, costly and unpredictable. Whether the parties are disputing a business transaction gone wrong, dissolving a marriage, or trying to determine liability for an auto accident, the process…
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Dissolution of Marriage

By: Associate Attorney Muncie, IN—Divorce laws vary widely between states. In order to file for divorce, one of the spouses must meet the state’s residency requirement. In Indiana, that time frame is six months. (Across the nation, it varies from zero days to more than one year.) Some believe you must divorce in the state…
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An Overview of Family Law

JANUARY 25, 2018 By: Ben Freeman, Attorney at Law— Muncie, IN—The familial relationship is complex and sometimes necessitates the involvement of the court. “Family law” is a function of the state government and refers to the rules by which the state regulates the creation, maintenance and dissolution of the family unit. Family law is most…
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